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Three simple steps to get started in MYX! It's easy!

girl setting up meta quest vr headset first time user
how to get started in the Metaverse?

Three simple steps to get started in MYX!


  1. Purchase a Meta VR headset from Amazon here: The Quest 2 or Quest Pro MYX works great using either of these devices!

  2. Once you have set up your META VR headset, download MYX from this link here: or simply head to the Oculus App Store in the headset, and search "MYX". You will find our app and all you have to do is click "Install".

  3. Launch the app in your headset and start exploring!

avatar creation tool ready player me . com avatar personalisation myx
Want to go deeper into the MYX?

Settings up your Avatar with Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me is an intuitive app that allows users to create a virtual avatar simply by taking a photo of themselves. You can then customize and link your avatar into MYX. Please view the below tutorial videos on how to load your RPM Avatar into MYX:

How to load your Avatar:

How to change your Avatar once it has been loaded into MYX:

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