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How to get started in MYX Metaverse!

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Congratulations on embarking on your VR adventure! We are excited to welcome you in MYX Metaverse - where music, pop culture and community get together to provide an incredibly immersive VR Experience!

What you will need:

1. A VR Headset

We are currently built to be used on the Meta Quest 2 natively, without any cables, connected to no additional devices. Just you, a Quest 2 headset, and a fun seeker attitude, and you are well on your way to VR Greatness!

2. Setting up MYX in the Quest 2 Headset is easy!

search for MYX in the Oculus app store and you will find it. Click on it to download and you're good to go!

3. Customizing your Avatar

Create your avatar on Ready Player Me and load the .glb file in your MYX apartment to sync your avatar (its Infront of the bed). (Quick tip: Copy and Paste the .glb link into notepad/ send yourself an email) so you can refer to it while typing in the .glb link in MYX). Please watch this quick video tutorial below showing you how to do this.

Creating your avatar -

Loading your avatar -

Oculus Quest 2 Accessories to Improve Your MYXperience!

1. If you travel a lot you might want to pick up a durable carry case similar to the AMVR Carry Case to protect your headset as the Quest 2 doesn't come with any carry case at all. For the amount of fun you get out of these devices its best to keep them safe!

2. Want to stay in MYX for longer but tired of your headset dying after just over an hour? Extend your battery life to up to 7 hours of gameplay with the BUSQUEDA Elite Strap with Battery and hang out with your friends in MYX for longer.

3. Keep Cool and VR on! After dancing around in MYX, things can heat up considerably so when you need to keep cool, try using the VR Fan for Oculus Quest 2 to keep air circulation going around. It helps reduce sweating especially while you're moving around and are great for sports games too.


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