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  MYX DJ  


MYX DJ takes you from bedroom DJ, to METAVERSE STAR! 

Simply record your DJ set using a Green Screen Backdrop and leave the rest to us.

You don't even need a VR headset! 

We take your recorded set and using our exclusive HOLO-DJ technology, we will stream your performance to our audience of thousands inside the MYX Metaverse Nightclubs and bars. 

Image by Aleksandr Popov

  MYX DJ  

Image by Avi Richards

Sign Up 

Sign up and we will send you a welcome pack, outlining everything you need to get started. 

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Record Your Set

Capture your performance using a green screen backdrop and submit to your appointed Artist Manager. 

green screen image 3.jpg

Kick Back

We inject your performance into our virtual Night Club worlds, allowing millions of potential guests to watch in Virtual Reality or online

green screen image 4.jpg

Earn Money

Dominate the metaverse, by turning your set into a money making machine! Upgrade at any time to our MYX PRO DJ record label service, making you a metaverse star. 



The stage awaits you! Get on stage with MYX today:

Simply fill this form and we will assign you a MYX DJ MANAGER to help get you on stage fast. Unsure about something? We've got you covered; Just fill in this form best you can and we will contact you via email soon after to help.

File must be .MP4 video File format, 720p (1280x720)
File must be .MP3 file format
Nightclub Preference
INDUSTRY (darker ambience)
MELT (anything goes)
SPYCE (Hip-hop / RnB)
STELLA (House/Lounge)
COVE (Ibiza/house)
ARENA (Major events)
EGYPT (major events)
MYX PRO DJ: Event Date Bid

Highest bidder wins! You can chose your submission bid to increase your chances of securing your requested dates or event location. Priority will be given to the highest bidder.

DJ set submission terms and conditions: By submitting your DJ set and associated materials to the MYX Metaverse, you confirm that you own or have all necessary rights to these materials and that they do not infringe on any third-party rights. You grant the MYX team an unrestricted, royalty-free, perpetual right to use, modify, and display the materials in the MYX Metaverse and for promotional purposes. Submission does not guarantee use, and you agree to indemnify the MYX team against any claims related to your materials. Terms are subject to change and continued submission indicates acceptance.

Ask Us! 

Got a burning question? Jump in the Chat box to the right bottom corner, (we may reply via email) 

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